Vacuum Insulators -

24/09/2015 08:04



            Vacuum insulators consist of special ceramics which, thanks to their extreme mechanical strength and negligible electrical conductivity, offer a ready protection against voltage surges. LAPP Insulators Alumina produces such insulators from aluminium oxide, which is capable of maintaining its insulation strength even under the toughest conditions and voltage peaks. The entire design from the initial concept through to the final manufacturing process is carried out against the backdrop of your specific requirements and concepts. Our development engineers work closely to your operating conditions and application in designing the component’s size, surface area and construction. As creepage paths and clearances critically influence the insulating properties of the ceramic isolation components, we pay particular attention to maximising creepage current stability. Here the ideal properties of ceramics in such composite assemblies are vividly demonstrated. The use of aluminium oxide also strongly influences the mechanical strength of the component. Our high quality precision vacuum insulation tubes have already won over numerous customers with exacting application concepts.