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    Multi-functional components in ceramic-to-metal composites are ideal for the many different needs of specialist users and their processes. The diverse applications of aluminium oxide-to-metal composites offer an attractive range of properties. Using a range of joining techniques such as brazing, active brazing and glass soldering creates composites with contrasting properties of conduction and insulation, offering secure processes in so many branches of industry. LAPP Insulators Alumina can produce special ceramic-to-metal products for your particular application too; drawing on years of experience and a deep pool of technical know-how. We do, however, lay great emphasis on close collaboration with our customers. Only joint component design work can create parts to make the most of available techniques and meet your exacting demands. LAPP Insulators Alumina can drastically reduce the time and expenditure required for new part development through the use of FEM analysis, offering our customers an enormous cost-benefit advantage.

Special Products

SK 275 00

Special offer

SK 275 00

Voltage DC:                       > xkV (please, contact us)

Ceramic part:                   Alumina ceramics (Al2O3), min. 96%

Flange:                              Stainless steel 1.4301

Magnetic materials:        No

Temperature Range:      -50°C to 700°C

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